The Link Between Your Diet and Acne

They say, "you are what you eat," and that statement could not be more true when it comes to our skin. Acne, one of the most common skin conditions on the planet, can be a painful and frustrating issue to deal with. But what if the solution was as simple as changing our diets?

The Enemy of Clear Skin

Refined foods, such as white bread, candy, and soda, are high in sugar and can cause inflammation in the body. When this inflammation takes place in the skin, it can lead to acne breakouts. These foods are also low in nutrients that our skin needs to stay healthy, making them a double threat.

The Key to Clear Skin

The good news is, we can combat the effects of refined foods on our skin by incorporating more nutrient-rich vegetables into our diet. Foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and beta-carotene can help promote healthy skin, while also reducing inflammation. Leafy greens, carrots, sweet potatoes, and bell peppers are all great options to add to your meals.